Annex II Basics of LimeSurvey Interface

Basic structure of the interface

For a quick start regarding the LimeSurvey platform and GEAM Questionnaire, you can watch the video GEAM First Steps

Global features of the questionnaire such as its title or welcome message are controlled via “Settings” while individual question content can be edited via the “Structure” panel.


Individual questions can be edited under the “Structure” view:

Note the “locked” symbole in the illustration above. Changing the order of questions or question groups requires to “unlock” the left column.

“Question Editor” versus “Question Overview”

When clicking a specific question in the left “Structure” column, it becomes editable in the main view. By default, the “Question Editor” View becomes active to change question text or answer options.

In contrast, the “Question Overview” provides access to the setting “conditional logics”, “default answers”, “export options” or for “deleting” the question. Note the change in the top button rows in the illustration below.