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ACT Matching Events Summary Reports

The ACT Matching Events - October 2020

In October 2020, we organised a series of events within the ACT project, the so-called Matching Events. The series of events comprised seven events: A plenary session on the GEP eligibility criterion for funding in Horizon Europe and two events on each of the ERA priorities (decision-making, gender dimension and careers). With around 40-65 participants in each session, from over 20 different countries, the Matching Events were met with great interest.
The different events and sessions had different topics and foci, ranging from GEPs as an eligibility criterion to national policy and institutional measures for gender balance in decision-making to gendered career consequences of Covid-19 to an introduction to gender dimension and a lot more. For these events, we were able to attract interesting and top-class speakers who provided insights and cuttingedge information on the topics. Each event also included discussions and/ or group work that proved really dynamic and fruitful.

It was very unfortunate, that these events couldn’t take place face-to-face due to Covid-19. Nonetheless, the interest in the events was very high and they were a success. Thanks to the speakers, organisers and participants, the events were considered beneficial and valuable. Feedback showed that the exchange between different stakeholders from different disciplines, countries, career stages etc. was fruitful, educational and highly appreciated. Especially for the ACT CoPs, the exchange with the other CoPs and their members was very valuable and particularly interesting.

To provide details and insights on the contents of the different events, we have written detailed reports on each of the events in addition to the summary already available (including PPTs) on the project website.

Summary report plenary session, October 12th 2020
Summary report Matching Event Decision-Making, October 14th & 16th 2020
Summary report Matching Event Gender Dimension, October 20th & 22nd 2020
Summary report Matching Event Careers, October 27th & 29th 2020

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