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I am a sociologist and science policy expert, working as a chief researcher in the National Information Processing Institute in Warsaw (Laboratory of Databases and Business Analytics).

Anna Knapińska

Marcia Barbosa is a Brazilian physicists. She is the first generation of her family to obtain an university degree. She analyzes the unusual behavior of water use this knowledge to propose methods to obtain more clean water.

Marcia Barbosa

Currently, my main work is teaching one course on Inclusion of Sex/Gender Perspective in Research and Innovation in diverse universities. Most of them in Spain, but also in Argentina and México. The course is aimed to PhD students and researchers in general.

Capitolina Díaz Martínez

I am presently the Convenor of the Gender Institute at The Australian National University, as well as an Associate Professor of Philosophy in the ANU Research School of Social Sciences.

Fiona Jenkins

I was born in 1964. I´m  Professor in the Department of Gender Studies at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary and a Doctor of Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Andrea Pető

I am working as a practitioner in the field of gender equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). I have been involved in several projects, from local level (Department, Faculty and University) to international.

Thomas Brage

I am Professor of Sociology and Social Policy (Emeritus) at the University of Limerick and Visiting Professor, Geary Institute, University College Dublin.

Pat O’Connor

I am a sociologist, head of the Center of Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the R.B. Zajonc Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw, and the UNESCO Chair “Women, Society and Development”, U of W. I am  also head of Chair of Sociology of Social Change at M. Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw. I was director of the R.B.

Renata Siemienska

I was Head of Research at the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine (CNR) in Rome, and retired in 2009. As a biologist I have worked on in vitro cellular differentiation and toxicology.

Flavia Zucco

Last of 4 children (two boys and two girls) I realized as a child that men and women (brothers and sisters) had different duties and rights, and then I started my battles for gender equality.

Flavia Marzano

My name is Tiziana Catarci and I am a professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Sapienza University of Roma, director of the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering “Antonio Ruberti”, and director of the ECONA Interuniversity Research Centre

Tiziana Catarci

I'm a Political Science Ph. D; Applied Economics Teacher; and Professor of the Department of Applied Economics at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Cecilia Castaño