This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 788204.

Flavia Marzano

Last of 4 children (two boys and two girls) I realized as a child that men and women (brothers and sisters) had different duties and rights, and then I started my battles for gender equality. I experienced personally the battles of Italian feminism (right to divorce and abortion) and continued in the job context to support discriminated women. I have always loved sciences and understood early that women often do not choose STEM studies only for prejudices and not for different passions, much less for incapacity.

So I set up a peer to peer network of women (WISTER Women for Inclusive and Smart Territories) that supports other women to overcome the cultural digital divide with the aim of making them aware of the use of technologies and internet (with particular attention to cybersecurity and online privacy).

In my role as City Councillor on Innovation at Roma Capitale (2016-2019) I worked in order to make the city more inclusive and innovative by encouraging participation and active citizenship, with a particular focus on women participation (for example, I have activated a participatory process to decline the Digital Agenda also from a gender perspective). I am also helping some public bodies that support groups of girls victims of trafficking in order to help them understand the opportunities and risks of digital technologies.