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Dr. Hans M. Borchgrevink


Hans M. Borchgrevink MD MHA BA is former Director of Medicine, and Special Adviser for International Affairs in The Research Council of Norway (RCN). Until recently he was Vice Chair of the EAC Marie S Curie Advisory Group (2014-15 and 2016-2018) and member of the EURAXESS Top III Advisory Group (2015-2018).  Former efforts on gender issues include the EU ERA Communication Expert Advisory Group (2013) (subgroup gender), the EU Gender Impact Assessment Expert Advisory Group (2013), the Science Europe Task Force on Gender and Diversity roadmap (2013), co-organiser/chair/invited speaker at the European Gender Summits (2011-18), session chair/invited speaker at >10 EU Presidency Conferences and invited reviewer of the Council of Canadian Academies’ report on Women in University Research (2012) and the EU FP7 GENSET Report (2010). Related experience on researcher careers include Chair EU WG Monitoring and Indicators (2009-13) under ERA SGHRM (Steering Group for  Human Resources and Mobility), and Chair ESF WG Mobility (European Science Foundation MO Forum). As ERA SGHRM repr (2003-13) he took part in making of the EU Charter and Code for Researchers (2005), the follow-up evaluation system HRS4R, the development of EURAXESS, and was Deloitte evaluator of HRS4R-rated RPOs/universities (2013). He has been expert evaluator for EU FP7, German Ministry for Health, NordForsk and RCN. Hans M. Borchgrevink is choir conductor/singer with ~ 12 CDs/LPs including Gregorian chant and has a Grammy Award in folk song.