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6TH EUROPEAN WOMEN RECTORS CONFERENCE: Responding to Evolving Challenges: Best Practices for Women Leadership in Academia

The European Women Rectors Association is happy to announce the "6th European Women Rectors Conference” which will take place at Malmö University on 13-14 May, 2019. The special focus of the conference will be on “Responding to Evolving Challenges: Best Practices for Women Leadership in Academia”. EWORA cordially invites women in leadership positions at universities and research organizations, gender experts and members of higher education networks to join us at the conference.

The main objectives of this conference are “responding to evolving challenges” and “building best practices” towards achieving gender equality in HE and Research.  The conference intends to reach these objectives through the analysis and comparison of various policies, strategies and best practices being employed in different contexts at the European and global level.

At this conference EWORA will also present its 2nd EWORA Honorary Award Ceremony to celebrate actions that have turned equality policies into practice.

According to the latest statistics by She Figures, some progress towards gender equality has taken place at senior decision making positions in higher education.  “Within the EU-28, the proportion of women heads of institutions is 15 %, which represents an improvement from 2010, when only 10 % of heads of institutions were women” (EC, 2016). Despite the progress, “the proportion of women remains lower than the proportion of men in all but one countries (Sweden) for which data are available. (EC, 2016). She Figures also report Nordic countries are the ones with the highest proportion of women at leadership positions in Higher education.


At the 6th EWORA conference, through the interactive panels and sessions we shall discuss the main obstacles behind the slow advancement of gender equality at the managerial positions and investigate new methodologies for building up best practices.

We cordially invite you to attend the 6th European Women Rectors Conference & EWORA 2nd Honorary Award Ceremony and look forward to work together to increase women’s effectiveness at decision making levels in higher education and research.

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Gender equality, best practices, female leadership