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Women researchers and research on women in Iberian universities

Call for papers

All too often, we refer to the topic of mutual uncertainty in which we lived, "back to back" in words of José Saramago, Spain and Portugal, one trying to attract European attention over the Pyrenees, the other with eyes wide-open to the sea, waiting for new islands to be discovered. Although in recent years the normative provisions approved on gender equality in the different spheres of social and labour life are quite similar in both countries, in the field of gender studies, Spain and Portugal have followed different paths regarding centers and institutes for studies of women and gender in universities. Only in the last decades, on many occasions supported by the European Union's border cooperation initiatives, we started to carry out professional exchanges, inter-university teaching proposals and collaborative research projects. In university exchanges, the European higher education area has opened up new possibilities (dual qualification, interuniversity postgraduate courses, etc.) which, together with the increase in joint investigations and the flow of exchange of professional experiences, place us before the historical opportunity of turning ignorance into fruitful collaboration.


Committed to fostering mutual knowledge and exchange of experiences and points of view between Portuguese and Spanish teachers, "Teresa Andrés" Research Group on Information and Society (GIR-TAIS) and the Women's Studies Center of the University of Salamanca (CEMUSA) organize a seminar on "Women researchers and research on women in Iberian universities", to be held on September 27 and 28, 2018, in the Faculty of Translation and Library Science of Salamanca.

The seminar will consist of presentations, round tables and free communication sessions, and the minutes of the meeting will be published and printed in the form of monography by UCOPress, the editorial of the University of Córdoba.


The main themes will be as follows:

- Situation of women researchers in the universities of the Iberian Peninsula (aspects that hinder their professional promotion, equality plans, etc.)

- Professional trajectories and vital experiences of women (cis and transsexuals) and people of non-binary gender in Iberian universities.

- Gender binarism, feminism and women's studies: conceptual tensions and academic consequences.

- Critical analysis of the systems of evaluation and scientific production of Spain and Portugal from a gender perspective.

  - Scientific productions and channels who diffuse studies on women in Iberian universities.

- Relation between the visibility and the impact of journals specialized in gender studies and the evaluation and promotion of university professors.


Works are admitted in the main official languages of the Iberian Peninsula (Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Euskara and Galician) or in English. The conceptual works or theoretical reflection can be presented by anyone, regardless of their geographical origin. The empirical, descriptive or other case studies must necessarily refer to the geographic environment of the Iberian Peninsula.


Those interested in submitting a paper must submit the abstract with the proposal through the "documents" tool that appears on the seminar website, until Sunday, January 28, 2018, according to the following specifications:

- Thematic of the abstract

- Title of the proposal

- Type of proposal

- A Summary with up to 500 words

- An attachment file with the data already mentioned, in .doc format, which must also include a curricular profile of the proposal's authors and contact information (address, phone number and e-mail)

- Name of the author(s)

- Institutional affiliation of the author(s)


The proposals will be evaluated by a scientific committee made up of experts in the themes of the seminar. The results will be communicated on February 18, 2018 individually to its authors. All persons whose papers have been selected must send their full works before Wednesday, May 20, 2018.


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academic research, critical gender studies, gender research, iberian peninsula